Ravi Foods Pvt. Ltd. Launches Enriched DUKES Waffy in all New Avatar

For the last two decades, Ravi Foods Pvt Ltd. (RFPL) has been a dominant player in the packaged food industry with products ranging from biscuits, cookies and wafers, chocolates, candies and confectionery. Today, Ravi Foods’ flagship brand DUKES is not only a household name in India, but is also exported to 100+ countries with significant presence in developed countries viz. USA, Canada, UK, Australia and Netherlands to name a few.

A market leader in the cream wafer category in India, DUKES Waffy comes to consumers in delightful flavours wrapped in exciting packaging, which meets international standards. Packed with natural fruit extracts and flavour enhancers, the wafers are known for their unparalleled taste. Waffy’s butter variant is the newest flavour in Waffy’s portfolio by Ravi Foods and has succeeded in creating a significant impact in the market on account of its unique and distinctively superior taste.

Mr. Ravinder Agarwal, Managing Director of Ravi Foods has had a vision to bring forth constant innovations that enhance the recipes to serve and delight the ever growing expectations of Waffy consumers.

Mr. Ravinder Agarwal, MD, Ravi Foods, stated, “The market size of the cream wafer segment in which we operate is estimated at about Rs. 45,000 crore and growing at about 10-12% a year. This provides an established player like us a clear opportunity to expand, diversify and garner a bigger market share. This also makes it critical for us to invest in product innovation and cutting edge marketing initiatives to drive the market.”

To launch the new avatar of Waffy, and to bolster customer loyalty, Ravi Foods Pvt. Ltd. recently brought forth an exciting new campaign titled ‘Bolo Kya?’, largely aimed at young audiences. By drawing an interesting parallel between the creamy and crunchy layers in Waffy and the fun and intriguing hints within riddles, this unique campaign engages them with the latter, while the tag line ‘Isse khao aur mooh mein suljhao’ urges them to bite into DUKES Waffy whilst attempting to crack each fun, brain-teasing riddle.

The simplistic brilliance of #BoloKya has made it a hit on social media. The campaign is receiving huge response, thanks to its ability to appeal to both the intended target audience, and to transcend age demographics. It also stands testament to Ravi Foods’ tireless commitment to enrich its customers’ taste buds and life journeys with the myriad, wonder-filled flavours of happiness.

A strong Research and Development team, experienced culinary experts, stringent quality standards and modern technology, make it possible for Ravi Foods to deliver a diverse and superior product portfolio.

About Ravi Foods Pvt. Ltd

Ravi Foods’ new Waffy packs are enriched with natural fruit extracts and flavour enhancers to make these creamy & crunchy Waffy bars more tempting. The natural fruit extracts and premium butter & cheese, and rich cocoa gives the Waffy bars a delectable taste.

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