From a management trainee to the CEO – The Journey of Mr. Arvind (The Young Achiever) – Dukes by Ravi Foods

From a management trainee to the CEO – The Journey of Mr. Arvind (The Young Achiever)

Mr. Arvind Kumar’s journey with Dukes India has begun around a decade ago. His growth and achievement in becoming a multidisciplinary & dynamic leader is a commendable feat and a true inspiration. He has joined Dukes in early 2010 as a management trainee with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and a Master’s degree in Management and today he is leading the organisation with utmost diligence and efficiency.

He is a true technocrat with 8 years of experience as a master of exponential growth in the business. His expertise and brilliance in sales, marketing, branding and P&L Management has driven Dukes India to reach greater heights. His passion is to drive business growth through system driven process automation and people orientation.

He is proficient in ensuring that consigned products & services consistently resonate with current and potential customers. His understanding of Modern trade Business and proficiency in developing & executing strategic initiatives and activities for wafers and various brands under Dukes India has been exemplary . He believes, being a top executive means to have a never-ending list of responsibilities. Being the CEO is a dream, come true for him and the result of hard work, resilience and skill.

He believes that health and well-being is the core for being productive and producing best results. With the busy schedules the he works on, there is little time left to spare on health up-keep. This had given him all the more reason to make a commitment towards health and well-being. He believes that only a healthy professional is capable to give optimal results at work.

“Top executives are the spine of any organization; they are the leaders that every employee looks up to.”

Arvind Kumar is a committed CEO who proved over time that prioritising health and wellbeing go hand in hand with achieving professional milestones.

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