Celebrating Flavours of Happiness on Waffy Day

Dukes has been providing consumers with an uninterrupted source of deliciousness for decades and one of our most popular offerings is unquestionably Waffy. These crispy crunchy wafer bars came into existence way back in 1999 and since then have captured the hearts and the tastebuds of customers all over the world. July 3rd 1999 is the day that Waffy made its first appearance. The ’90s were simpler times and Waffy soon became everyone’s go-to snack. But even after twenty-two years, Waffy has continued to enthral generations of snack lovers. The evidence of Waffy’s popularity is right there on the social media pages. What was once the favourite snack of millennials has won over gen Z as well.Waffy has managed to win over people from all backgrounds and age groups with its winning taste. There are several reasons which make Waffy the snack that we all reach for.

Light and crispy, these wafer bars are packed in a way to fit into the tiniest of spaces. They fit into handbags, backpacks and lunchboxes snugly. Craving something delicious in between a long day of video calls? There is Waffy. Need a snack that will keep both your five years old and twelve years old happy? Waffy to the rescue again. The hubby wants something to munch on while watching the cricket match? Hand him a pack of Waffy. It’s ‘the’ versatile snack that the whole family loves. It can even be enjoyed by grandpa and grandma (it’s denture friendly and easy to chew)!

Waffy gets the fact that we are all different people with varying tastes. The only thing binding us together is our love for crunchy snacks. That is why our Waffy bars are available in a rainbow of flavours. Waffy comes in the delectable flavours of chocolate, orange, strawberry, pineapple, vanilla, cheese, mango and the latest addition of butter. Each of these come with creamy fillings that will satiate both sweet and salty cravings. Apart from these we also have the deliciously mysterious Dark Waffy, which is a chocolate wafer with a creamy vanilla filling. The fun doesn’t stop there. We also have Waffy rolls, which are cylindrical wafer pipes filled with cream. These are available in chocolate, strawberry and kulfiflavour.

Waffy has ceased to be just another snack. It has become a metaphor for life itself and on Waffy Day we once again remind our patrons to enjoy the lighter moments, because life is full of flavourful surprises just like our favourite Waffy.  Today we are a giant Waffy Happy family.

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